The emergency conditions and cases at the backstage are usually problematic both for the patient, who is the performer, and the performance team. The treatment inessentially results in the patient’s transport to a nearby hospital, mostly at the off-time, examination by more or less experienced healthcare personnel and uncontrolled interventions. This may result in the cancellation of the show or complicated medical problems.

A performer may encounter a problem long before the performances that may manifest itself at the show. Or may acutely encounter the problem during the show. Therefore diagnosis of emergencies and treatments becomes necessary at the backstage.

Backstage DrVoice is a service that intervenes the medical problems of the performers during the show. DrVoice Backstage team is formed of an otolaryngologist specialized on professional voice, a voice coach and a therapist, nurse, an orthopedist and a physiotherapist. For the children’s activities, a pediatrician is also added to the team.

The medical setting for the patient is to stay at an infirmary or a room constructed at the backstage where the performer can easily access during the show. The necessary equipment is:

  • A laryngostroboscopy unit (an endoscopic system for observing vocal folds),
  • Digital voice analysis system,
  • Ear and nasal endoscopes,
  • Audiometry system,
  • Lasers and nerve stimulants for treating joint and muscular spasms,
  • Blood analysis lab.,
  • Ambulatory X ray for orthopedic emergencies.

The team works with the primary doctors of the performers on consultation basis. The medical information is shared and the treatments are performed by the order of primary doctors and under the supervision our specialists in the DrVoice team.

DrVoice Backstage provides:

  • Professional team
  • Predetermined and well-prepared hospital setting and personnel
  • Performs most of the treatments without moving the patient (except severe conditions such as head trauma, fractures, etc.)
  • Dual active consultation with the performers’ primary doctor and the DrVoice Clinic
  • Prepares and informs the performers before they arrive to the city or country of the show.
  • Direct contact is available with the performers during their stay.