• İsmail KOÇAK
  • Nilüfer Eğrican
  • Ceyda AKINCI
  • Hülya GÖL
  • İbrahim ÇELİK

İsmail KOÇAK

“Your voice is your signature.

And also your instrument that writes notes or words in the air.

Some voices attract others. You enjoy playing it… songs, ideas, deals and words of love

Tones of warmth that calls the peace.

Tells who you are

What you know or feel

If you are behind a curtain, your voice becomes your body.

Lovely, lively all ears will be ready to serve for you. They accept and surely will understand.

A bad voice is imprisonment.

Change your voice and change your life…”

Nilüfer Eğrican

Dr.A.N.Egrican is the Chair of Executive  Board of DRVOICE TECHNOLOGY  and the Founding President of  SUNTEK Project and Technology Development, Management, Consulting,Training Services Company. The aim of organisation is to develop international R&D projects, technologies, through technology transfers,  while forming an effective platform for innovation, enabling the realisation of  ideas by providing  consultancy  services for the academia and  industry. Suntek International contributes to companies technology transfer from abroad, to enable  production of  state of art Technologies.

Dr.Egrican  is also Senior Advisor responsible of Strategic Energy Partnerships in Teknopark Istanbul which brings  a new synergetic model for economic development and inovation,and provide a lively and productive environment for business professinals and entrepreneurs.There are allready 100 companies and 35 incubators in teknopark.There will be +1000 companies,+300 startups,+30,000 white collar employees with USD 10 billion turnover within 7 years  in 1 million square meter closed area.Because of its devotion to the nature,1,5 million square meter forest is allocated for the use of Teknopark tenants

She received BS and MS degrees from  Dept of Mechanical Engineering  in Istanbul Technical University,1970 and Ph.D as first female recipient in engineering  from University of Maryland,1977.Her Ph.D thesis  entitled  ‘’Solar Assisted Space Cooling Systems’’  was sponsored   by DOE and commercialized by the companies ARKLA,YORK  and TRANE.She devoted  herself to  ‘’translational research’’ at that time.

 She worked as an assistant professor  at Department of Mechanical  Engineering in University of Maryland before returning to Turkey. In 1979 she joined to the  Istanbul Technical University(ITU) where she was promoted as a Professor. She  served as the Dean of School of Mechanical and Textile Engineering at Istanbul Technical University from 1994-2000  where there were 2000 students,107 faculty members and 70 administrative personel.She has developed and initiated the University-Industry model that the master and Ph.D thesis to be prepared according  to the needs of industry which are later become the product of the company in concern.This model widely welcomed in various industrial companies and universities between 1995-2007 and became  Ministry of Science ,Technology and Industry National  Supporting Mechanizm ,SANTEZ, in 2007. More than 300 thesis were completed with this model from 1996 till now in  ARÇELİK,the largest household company in Turkey,3rd largest in Europe.

In 2002 she was transfered  to Yeditepe University as  Vice President  responsible of institutional advancement, acreditation of education, research and development and industrial relations.Under her leadership 411 projects were developed and 22 patents were obtained within 4 years.Several cooperations were started  by signing contracts with major companies like,ARÇELİK,VESTEL,NETAS etc.Yeditepe University  was the first foundation university that obtained European Universities Assosiation(EUA)-Institutional Evaluation Program(IEP) Accreditation Certificate among the 80 foundation universities in Turkey.At the same university Knowledge and Innovation Management(KIM) graduate program was initiated by Dr.Egrican in 2008,still continues successfully.

Dr. Egrican served as General Secretary of  National Council of  University-Industry –Government Relations (1993-94) under sponsorship of Turkish President Süleyman Demirel.She also participated in follow-up commities of  Turkish Scientific and Technological  Research  Council( TUBITAK ),State Planning Organization(DPT),Ministry of Science,Technology and Industry and other governmental institutions .She contributed to the strategic planning for TUBITAK  such as human resourses, energy, industry and education.

Dr. Egrican is also a member of Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Committee of Quality and Technology (ISO-KATEK)and  National Innovation Initiative Group and National Science and Nanotechnology Center(UNAM) where she has been contributing in  some issues like development of strategy and policy for industry and university, establishment of  R&D Laws, initiation of Organizational Industry Zones ,taking a part in  the EU Programmes (6th,7 th frame work and Horizon 2020).

KATEK has representatives from industry, universities, research intuitions, NGOs, public institutions. The vision of KATEK is :

  • To develop and assist quality and technology policies of ISO,
  • To support ISO members in their efforts towards increasing their competitiveness through innovative processes.

Dr. Egrican  worked/has been working  as a consultant for several private companies including  R&D Department of ARCELİK.

She participated in research activities in the USA at Solar Energy Research Institute  (now NRL) in May to September of 1989 and  International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy in  the summers of 1983,1985,1987,1991.

She is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning Research and Education Foundation (ISKAV) , the member of  International  Technical Advisory Boards  of ARCELİK  and   National Metrological Institute( TUBİTAK-UME).

 Dr. Egrican is  the President of International Center for Applied Thermodynamics(ICAT) that was founded 1998 which since has been publishing a quaterly International Journal of  Thermoydynamics (IJOT) for which Dr.Egrican served as the  regional editor.She is also Scientific Member of International Center for Heat and Mass Transfer(ICHMT) and member of several Professional societies like ASME, ASHRAE, ISES, ISKID, TTMD, COGEN…

Dr. Egrican  served as the Vice President of ASME International Region XIII  responsible for  total of 57 countries in Europe,Latin America,Middle East,Pasific-RIM from 2003 to 2006 and is a Fellow of ASME.During her term of vice presidency she emphasized on the development of mechanical engineering ,university-industry relations,industrial strategies in the developing countries.ASME International was  restructured by using Balance Score Card methodology which  also abled her to gain quite good experience during the process.In 2008 she has been awarded with ASME fellow Award due to her contributions to the Mechanical Engineering Profession . She was the only female recipient who obtained that award out of the USA.

Dr. Egrican was the Turkish Representative and  the Principal Investigator of Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring (GEM) Project which was the consortia of 52 different countries (2006-2010).GEM is an international comparative research project that seeks to benchmark the level of entrepreneurial activity across countries,and to understand the relationship between entrepreneurship and economic growth in terms of the key national factors affecting entrepreneurship.GEM was initiated in 1997 withfunding support from Kaufman Foundation and is coordinated by Banson College and the London Business School.The study Focused on three basic questions:

  • How and to what extend does the level of entrepreneurial activity vary between countries?
  • What makes a country entrepreneurial ?
  • How does the level of entrepreneurial activity affect a country’s rate of national economic growth?

The results of GEM study can be placed into two main categories:

  • An international comparison to review Turkey’s position in relation to the other participating nations,and
  • A domestic analysis of entrepreneurship within Turkey

The Concept-Knowledge (C-K) metodology and some of its main practical lessons for the innovative design of products and services are being introduced to the Turkish companies by Dr.Egrican. C-K theory was conceptualized in the Engineering Design and Management  which was organized within the Center for Management Science at Mines Paris Tech.The purpose of this work  is to better manage innovative projects or to re-align the R&D departments through colloborative research.

She has supervised a large number of graduate students to degree completion  and  organized entegrated theises programmes with some universities like University of Maryland,Johns Hopkins,Carnegie Mellon,Univ.of Michigan,Texas Tech,Rice Univ.,Univ.of Texas at Austin.She has  publications record in Thermodynamics , HVAC ,Solar Energy  systems. She is the recipient  of industry,foundation and institute  awards, including ASME Dedicated Servise Award, TTMD Dedicated Service Award, Alumni of the Year Award of Istanbul Technical University( ITU) ,Best Supervisor Award of  Turkish Technology Development Foundation(TTGV).



Hülya GÖL

İbrahim ÇELİK