Prof. Dr. İsmail Koçak is a medical doctor and otolaryngologist specialized in voice disorders and vocology, biomedical engineer and homeopath.

Originally a musician, he has been treating voice since 1993. He practices professional voice treatment and vocal performing arts medicine, thanks to his versatile background. Until now, he is the inventor of three important surgical techniques in vocal aesthetics and tissue preservation, used in micro laryngeal surgeries. A vocal wizard, he cares for the vocal well-being of the Eurovision teams of his country.

In his internationally-recognized Istanbul-based clinic, the DrVoice Clinic, Dr Koçak and his team heal and enhance all aspects of human voice. With his specially trained team, Dr Koçak performs aesthetic voice therapy techniques such as voice feminization and masculinization, voice deepening, vocal pitch and range shifting, micro laryngeal surgery and thyroplasty techniques. He also performs surgeries for spasmodic dysphonia, removes laryngeal masses such as cancer causing tumors and other organic pathologies.

Still a musician at heart, Dr. Koçak has not stopped performing. With his band, he spends his leisure time on stage as an electric guitar player and vocalist.