A device or equipment used to observe the vocal fold vibrations in slow motion. An important technique for diagnosing vocal fold problems. Also helpful  in follow ups under treatment.

Old terminology “video-laryngo-stroboscopy” when the videos were used to be the data storage medium and their slow replay options. Other uses “laryngeal stroboscopy”, “strobo-video-laryngoscopy” “video-strobo-laryngoscopy”.

  • laryngo represents larynx (voice box).
  • stroboscope is a device for studying the fast vibrating motion of a body, by making the motion appear to slow down or stop, as by periodically illuminating the body. Flash lamps (Xe, Halogen, LED), or by modulating the camera shutter (shutter stroboscopes).

What we see in laryngoscopy?

  • The Pathology

What we see in stroboscopic examination?

  • Closure
  • Symmetry
  • Periodicity
  • Amplitude
  • Mucosal wave
  • Hypo or akinetik regions

What we measure during examination?

  • Frequency

How we store data?


  • Video


  • Hard Disc
  • Flash memory
  • CD / DVD etc.