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If You Have a Diagnosed or Defined Problem. It Is or Maybe a...

Check the response that indicates how frequently defines your experience about your current voice.
0 = never 1 = almost never 2 = sometimes
3 = almost always 4 = always

My voice makes it difficult for people to hear me.
I run out of air when I talk.
People have difficulty understanding me in a noisy room.
The sound of my voice varies throughout the day.
My family has difficulty hearing me when I call them throughout the house.
I use the phone less often than I would like to.
I’m tense when talking to others because of my voice.
I tend to avoid groups of people because of my voice.
People seem irritated with my voice.
People ask, What’s wrong with your voice?

Determine the severity and frequency of the problem by answering each question on the voice quiz indicating how bad it is (the amount of each problem that you have) with five being the worst possible. Your answer should be based upon your average voice quality for the past two weeks or so.
Use the following 1-5 scale for rating the amount of the problem:
1 = None, not a problem
2 = A small amount
3 = A moderate (medium) amount
4 = Frequently
5 = Problem is as bad as it can be

Because of my voice....

I have trouble speaking loudly or being heard in noisy situations.
I run out of air and need to take frequent breaths when talking.
I do not know what will come out when I begin speaking.
I am anxious or frustrated. I get depressed.
I have trouble using the telephone.
I have trouble doing my job or practicing my profession.
I avoid going out socially.
I have to repeat myself to be understood.
I have become less outgoing.